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Ship Repair

Shipyard Services   

We have the contracted with 2 different shipyard in Tuzla Region and having our own repair
workshop, as well as special technical teams have been serving our valued customers. 

in all projects and tendering Our services the priority issues is here to the compettive price, high
quality work, the job monitoring and delivery on time. 


The ship side,and Bottom Cleaning and Painting 

Shaft, Propeller, Rudder, Kortnozel Repair And Maintenance Jobs 

All Machinery, generator and engine room maintenance and repair Jobs 

Machinery and Pipe Works on deck 

Hatch covers, Hatch Cover’s wheels, Pistons, and all other Hatch Covers 

Tank cleaning and Tank Operations 

All welding and steel jobs 

and all other shipyard operations... 

Related to all Our maintenance and repair works are being followed by Owners’s representatives under the supervision of the ship’s Class Soceity and then the ship is completed and all official approval would be obtained from Class Soceity Where the final reports are delivered to Ownrs. Without any approved by the ship’s Class Soceity or Owners’s representative all the repair/maintenance and other operations the responsibility belongs to our company. All transactions are guaranteed CUNDA SHIPPING CO LTD to your ships.

The project received the Vessel’s Maintenance/Repair and all of our main themes of importance to the shipyard operations, "Reasonable Price, quality workmanship and timely delivery ..."

Ship Security and Fire Equipment 




Our Own Constitution would pass all annual surveys and arrange of repairing, certification at our workshop for any type of life safety and fire equipment required on vessels and/or suplying a new ones upon request by our valued customers. All the services rendering by us is being certified by Class Society such as ABS, GL, LR, RINA, RUSSIAN, REG ...etc. ) 

1- Fire-Fighting Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Co2 Fixed Systems

Fixed Foam System

Hard Dry Powder Systems

Respiratory Sets

Emergency Escape Sets

Fire Detection System

And Other Services...

2- Life Rafts And Lifeboat Services

Liferafts Annual Testing, Control And Sales

Annual Testing Equipment And Controls Of Life Boat And Liferafts

Lifeboat Equipment 

Weight Tests

And Other Services...

3- Safety Equipment

Fire-Fighting Equipment 

Life Saving Equipment

Protechnics Equipment

Marinepollution Prevention Equipment

Medical Equipment

Gas Detectors

Imo Symbols

And Other Services...


Main Engines and Generator Repair and Maintenance   

At Repair workshop, qualified and experienced technical team within the company 
“CUNDA DENİZCİLİK TİC.LTD.ŞTİ” have been serving our valued customers in Tuzla region 

Main Engines and Jeneretor Full Care 

Treatments Caver 

Piston-Liner Maintenance, Repair 

Pump Repair and Maintenance 

Enjectör Testing and Maintenance 

Fuel Pump Testing and Maintenance, Repair

Turbo Charger Maintenance, Repair

and all other equipment, maintenance and repair of machines... 

* All services are given in Cunda Marine LTD (SHIPPING CUNDA TİC.LTD.ŞTİ) assurance 
is guaranteed... 


Deck Maintenance, Repair 

We do serve to our valuable customers under the guarantee of the services stated 
herebelow either on board the ship or at Our workshop 

Hatch Cover Works, Hatch Cover Wheel Manufacturing

Hatch Cover Piston Repair and Manufacturing

Hatch Cover Replacement Tires

Hot welding works /steel works

Repairs and Maintenance Windlass 

Deck Pipe Works

and all other deck repair and maintenance works 


Hydraulic Works 


Hydraulic linest, Hose Manufacturing and Assembly 

Hydraulic Pump Repair 

Hydraulic Piston,Cranes and masts Fabrication and Repair 

Hatch Cover Hydraulic Engine Maintenance and Repair 

Steering Systems Maintenance, Repair and Manufacturing 

and other repair and maintenance of hydraulic components. ... 

Bridge Falls Electrical Electronics and Devices

Electrical and electronic equipment and an experienced and qualified employees bridge Ship visits to all 
regions of Turkey and overseas serving our distinguished customers

Experienced and qualified to bridge the electronic and electrical devices in all regions
of Turkey and overseas employees serving our distinguished customers have exclusive visits to the ship. 

All bridge equipment maintenance, repair, installation and supply of a new one

GPS, Radar, Ais, echosounder, Auto Pilot, Gyro ... etc. Repair, Maintenance, Installation and supply of 
a new one

All existing electronic devices on board maintenance, repair and replacement of

The assembly of all electric ship maintenance, repair and testing of 

The main machinery, generator repair and maintenance of alarm systems and all other 

Preparation of Meğer test report 

All electric motors maintenance and repair of winding 

maintenance and repair of electric and electronic devices, and all other provision of the new one.


Underwater Services  

Joint motion of the diver with the company contracted to our esteemed customers in 
Turkey, each port also abroad, we offer all the services under water. 

Hull Cleaning 

Class Certified Report, Film, Photo Shot (Live Monitoring Facilities) 

Underwater survey works (Sale & Purchase) 

Underwater welding and Dublin jobs 

Saft Pervana operations 

Wreck removal 

and all other underwater services... 

...WE have contracted certified diver certification company who is the industry pioneer with 
having all Class Authorisations (BV, TURKLOYD, RMS, GL, DNV, RINA, ARS)