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Ship Management

Ship Management

Ship Management

Cunda Shipping is specialized in Ship Management which is forming 85 percent of its Services. We have 19 ships that are actively working and have experience in Black, Mediterranean, and Azov Seas.
As one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of the number of ships and the sheer volume of cargo carried by our company, our priority is to provide cost-effective voyages to our customers and business partners as much as possible. Our mission is to provide the highest quality solution by increasing our knowledge and experience with our professional and experienced team.


Successful ship management depends mostly on competence, systems, crew, staff & personnel and the right blend of experience. Cunda Shipping is exactly the same by evolving a system, which produces the desirable results for our clients by all means. 

Our achievement is a cost effective and efficient ship management service of international standard. 

It is our management commitment to keep all vessels under us operational ready in terms of technical, crew and any certifications related to technical and crew matters. 

In case of dry cargo bulkers the company undertakes that the vessel is ready for any major inspection at any given point. 

A transparent accounting system allowing the principal to view every area of ship accounting, purchasing of stores and supply from the company`s own database. 

Our wide range of services include 

Technical management 

Technical support 
Maintenance and Repair 
ISM compliance/ Safety and Quality Assurance 
Store and Purchase 
Regular maintenance/ Performance report 
Specialization and expertise like handling open hatch bulk carriers. 

Crew management 

Evaluation & assessment report 
Drug and Alcohol policy 

Commercial management 


Financial management 

Asset management 
Legal consulting 
Finance investments 

Additional Services 

New Building supervision 
Change of Flag / Classification Society 
Survey and inspection for sale and purchase 
Cargo supervision for specialized vessels and cargo